Slipping into pajamas, sipping on a fresh juice, and nibbling on a croissant, while one of Italy’s top fashion experts, journalist Antonio Mancinelli, shares about his latest book dedicated to the art of styling. A whirlwind of inspirations that blend the fashion of pop stars and showbiz personalities with the golden portraits by Antonella Cinelli, sensual women who bring life to the Excess lounge.

The tradition of cultural events promoted by Locandiera continues, already a well-established tradition at Ambra Cortina, a gem among the Dolomites of Cortina d’Ampezzo. On the occasion of the Venice Carnival, there is a leisurely late morning gathering, after a night of celebration, to enjoy a sumptuous brunch and engage in discussions about fashion, art, music, and entertainment with industry insiders. It is a literary and artistic salon where journalist Antonio Mancinelli, author of “The Art of Styling,” and artist Antonella Cinelli, who is exhibiting for the first time in Venice with a dedicated solo exhibition, engage in conversation. Excess Venice serves as a hub for talented individuals who express themselves through various forms of creativity, engaging all five senses. It is a late, leisurely, and delectable breakfast accompanied by style and culture, featuring books, paintings, and the hand-painted garments of Lucca Micco, the creator of the Made in Italy brand, Demiur.



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